niedziela, 1 kwietnia 2012

Erotic - Wojciech Szmigoń

Drops of sweat are leaving your face in winding lanes
the curtain rhythmically gives in to the persistence of the wind
the day’s caressing passers-by woven with the birds’ voices
at the edges of rushing streets the cars are sinking in the heat
the lights of the traffic lighthouses are pulsating

The crash and the bang of the bursting emotions; spilt glass
the light’s trespassed deep in the soft bodies of the cars
the muscles are stiffening clutched with the inevitable;
the absolute’s in blossom
the moan of the world mixing up life and death
in a red-hot melting pot

For a while I saw your reflection in my eyes

Wojciech Szmigoń

(translated by Iwona Cymerman)

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z cyklu "Twarze greckie"

z cyklu "Twarze greckie"
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