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Episodic Rivers - Robert Konca

We do not remember the beginning
The end we cannot imagine

We would only like
Some kind of continuity
Nothingness for our senses
Is unacceptable

Are we merely
Accidental addresses
Of electrical impulses
Called pain ecstasy
Hatred love
Everything and nothing
And so persistently we match
A word to a word
In a story of life read by no one

Does there remain after us
But a question mark in fading pupils
Into which no one will look anymore

Yet such rivers do exist
Whose currents are pushed out from under the earth
By the patient power of the source
They do not feed any sea
But suddenly they return to the earth’s core

Let us – episodic rivers
Not forget the source

Robert Konca ( from „Episodic Rivers”, translated by Iwona Cymerman))

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z cyklu "Twarze greckie"

z cyklu "Twarze greckie"
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