sobota, 31 marca 2012

Closeness - Maria Kryńska-Szostak

Closeness is make-up smeared with tears
When I breathe, when I move within us
It is a fever, a prose, a liqueur, a breakfast
An apple divided into two or four
A sleepless night and a sweaty body

In poety closeness is what? A word
Enters a word. The current of blood in the rain and in the storm
Speeds up, slows down, fades away into silence
Rushes in light years, it’s a race, it’s a gallop
Such closeness strikes to tear up the body

Closeness is a kiss
that leads into the unknown

Maria Kryńska-Szostak (translated by Iwona Cumerman)

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z cyklu "Twarze greckie"

z cyklu "Twarze greckie"
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